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One of our biggest and most exciting attractions – a firm family favourite since it came to Landmark. The Wildwatercoaster features three fear-inducing raft rides over waterfalls of varying steepness. The Falcon, The Wildcat and The Otter – try them all if you dare!

The Falcon


The first raft ride is very well named!  The Falcon starts off gently, lulling you into a false sense of security before, without warning, you drop like a hawk in a dive!

50 feet of near vertical plunge into a long water bath creating a big splash at the end, but don’t worry you will stay dry…well almost!

Can you believe it only takes a few terrifying seconds?

Our guests rate this as the particularly scariest of the three raft rides!

The Wildcat

This is our fast and furious raft ride, so you will need to make sure you hold on!

A double bump helps you become weightless for a split second – an amazing sensation! It ends with an exciting and really fast run out along the Astroturf – great fun!

The Otter

This is a dark, twisting and disorienting tunnel with skips and dips to surprise you! Make sure you hold on tight as you experience this exciting ride in complete darkness!

This long raft ride rushes along a torrent of water which ends with a fall-off into a BIG splash – you may get a little wet!

*Open late March to late October, closed in winter

Please read our restrictions

360 Panorama

Stop the image from spinning by clicking on it. Click and drag to pan left and right and to tilt up and down or simply use the Arrow keys on your keyboard. Press “A” to Zoom-In, “Z” to Zoom-Out. If you cannot see the panorama, please download the java player by clicking this link. . .

Java Get Powered

The Red Squirrel Trail was excellent but the Wildcat run on the watercoaster was totally awesome for two over sixty year olds!

Yvonne Gauld, Ayrshire

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