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Disabled Access

We have a ‘Welcome All’ policy at Landmark Forest Adventure Park and we look forward to welcoming guests who have a disability. We are keen to promote access to as many areas as possible and for our guests with disabilities, to gain as full an experience as possible within the constraints that the local environment and our type of attractions allow.

The pathways are relatively level and suitable for wheelchairs and walking-restricted persons, however are partially unmade in sections and therefore may necessitate additional assistance. Most areas of the park are accessible by wheelchair, with the exception of the Forest Tower, Wild Water Coaster, ropes-courses, Skydive and Ant City.

During the summer months we have two disabled toilets; one in the main building and another located beside the Pinewood Grill. The one in the main building is open all year-round.

Access Facilities Services for Visitors with Disabilities (updated 2018)

How do those registered disabled access the park?

We have a number of disabled parking spaces located immediately outside the main entrance. Those registered disabled should use our Fast-Track entry to get into the park. This is clearly sing-posted and is located on the left hand-side of the main Reception. This also applied to anyone else who is visiting as part of the same group.

Is there any discount available to disabled visitors or carers?

Those registered as disabled will receive a 50% discount on their ticket and an accompanying carer will get complimentary entry. To get this discount those registered as disabled must present proof of disability at the Ticket Office and anyone that wishes to be admitted in the park for free as a carer will need to present proof that the person they are with requires their care. All acceptable forms of proofs are explained in the question below.

It is important that people are not judged based on their physical appearance at the ticket office, and it is not acceptable for our staff to be expected to judge, which is why visitors are required to provide proof of disability. We have tried to follow the procedures we have observed on both Government and Local Authority web sites.

What would you consider as proof of disability or carer?

Acceptable Documentary Proof for visitors with disabilities may include:

  • Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment
  • Attendance Allowance Letter
  • Plus One Card
  • One Scotland Card
  • Award Letter-War Pension Mobility Supplement
  • Blind/Partially Sighted Certificate
  • Invalidity Benefit Certificate/Book
  • Letter from DVLS (Medical Condition Stated)
  • Registration as profoundly or severely deaf
  • Social Services Blue Badge
  • Letter from a medical professional on NHS headed paper (Medical Condition Stated)

Acceptable Documentary Proof for the requirement of a helper may include:

  • Plus One Card issued to the visitor with a disability
  • Attendance Allowance Book belonging to the visitor with a disability
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Letter from a medical professional on NHS headed paper for the visitor with a disability stating the need of a helper
Is there anything to help those with conditions that make queuing difficult?

One method that we currently employ to help alleviate stress for anyone with conditions that make queuing more challenging is our ‘Green Card’. This card is available at the Ticket Office upon request and essentially works as a fast-track pass. It allows the bearer to go to the front of the queue of the main attractions with someone accompanying them.

I've got limited ability and won't be using most of the attractions. Can I get a discount?

We currently offer those registered as disabled a 50% discount on their ticket and provide an accompanying carer with free entry. Anyone over the age of 80 is also entitled to a complimentary ticket. We also offer a slightly discounted rate for seniors (65+).

From time to time we receive enquiries from seniors requesting a greater discount on the basis of limited mobility. If an individual can provide proof of disability then they will be entitled to a 50% discount, but other than the complimentary ticket for those over 80 years of age, we are not currently in a position to offer any further discounts based on age alone.

Do you allow assistance dogs into the park?

Yes, all dogs are welcome at Landmark provided that they are kept on a lead and under close control at all times. For safety reasons, dogs are not able to accompany visitors onto the rides.

Do you have wheelchairs available?

A limited number of wheelchairs are available at Reception on a loan basis. We regret that wheelchairs from Landmark cannot be taken out in to the car parks. At this current time we do not have electric wheelchairs.

Enquiry Form

Enquiry Form

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