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Tropical Hot House

  • Open All Year Round
  • New Additions
  • Accessible For All

Explore this stunning tropical jungle with a whole cast of friendly characters! Look out for our family of Asian Quail as they scuttle through the undergrowth and listen our for our budgies and parakeets as they soar through the air, dive for a drink of water in the pond or sing at passers-by from the trees.

You can watch our Leaf-Cutting Ants close-up as they carry leaves up to 20 times their weight across the ropes and back to their colony. Get the chance to handle a stick insect, mammoth millipede or gigantic snail at one of our handling sessions which run at 11.30am and 2.30pm daily.

Please note that due to the lower temperatures we aren’t able to keep the same levels of butterflies at this time of year and, although you might still see some, there is no guarantee that you will. The Tropical Hot-House is closed between 1.45pm-2.15pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

DIY Sundays

Once a month, have the opportunity to get hands on in the Tropical Hot-House and leave with your very own crafty projects. Craft time will run for approximately 1 hour from 12.30pm until 1.30pm.

Date Activity
25th November Make a set of 6 reindeer decorations and Christmas card.
16th December Make your own winter terrarium (container for soil and plants) – a great Christmas present!
3rd February Decorating a butterfly canvas for display for the beginning of the season.

Additional Activities

Hook a butterfly (Monday to Saturday) from 19th of November. Using a fishing rod, attempt to catch yourself a butterfly from our pond and claim a prize!

Colour in a big butterfly! Anyone visiting us before then end of March can help us decorate a massive butterfly picture to be displayed in reception at the beginning of season.

Pick up one of our activity sheets and see whether you can spot everything listed. Once completed, you will even get yourself a wee sticker.

“We haven’t been to the park for a couple of years, so hadn’t seen the Butterfly House before. It’s a great new addition! My daughter got to meet Hector the Parakeet and my son even held a Giant Millipede.” – TripAdvisor