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Nature Trails Closed

  • Explore a 10,000 year old forest
  • Look for rare Red Squirrels

The Natural Trail is currently closed due to a major refurbishment. reopening in 2022!

The Red Squirrel Trail

This is a really special part of the forest at Landmark and a place where everyone can slow right down to appreciate the tranquillity of our ancient pinewood. The ancestors of these huge pine trees flourished on this spot as long as 10,000 years ago….and if you’re lucky you’ll spot a few red squirrels darting around high in the branches!

Treetop Trail

Walk through the pine branches on the UK’s (and perhaps the world’s), original treetop trail. Built nearly 30 years ago, this has been the model for countless copies around the world.

The Treetop Trail presents a completely different experience of pinewood and has recently been refurbished and widened for buggy and wheelchair access.

“Great opportunities to give the kids an interesting and education walk through the ‘Tree toptrail’. We adults also learned a lot about a scottish forestry environment!” – TripAdvisor

Wildlife Feeding Area

This is an absolute ‘must visit’ part of your day at Landmark.  We have been feeding red squirrels at this spot for nearly fifteen years now, so it is not unusual to see the increasingly rare creatures here, along with the occasional crested tit! The record for the number of red squirrels seen feeding at one time is twelve but seeing three or four at a time is a possibility.

The secret here is to be quiet, patient and listen for their scratching noises as they move through the trees.

If you don’t see them on your first visit, you can always come back later in the day, but there is usually a contingent of pinewood birds here at any time to keep you spotting!  You might see coal tits, blue tits, chaffinches, great tits, wood pigeons and the occasional crested tit.