Explore The Park Planning Your Day Ticket Prices Buy Tickets
Explore The Park Planning Your Day Ticket Prices Buy Tickets
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Weekly Tickets

  • A whole weeks entry to the park
  • Great value

Enjoy all the great attractions at Landmark for a whole week

Weekly tickets are available between the Easter and October holidays. These are ideal for those that are on holiday in the area and want to fit in more than one visit to the park. You can purchase Weekly tickets here.

The table below shows you the price of a Day Ticket versus the price of Weekly Ticket so that you can work out the potential savings that can be made. A Weekly Ticket worked out cheaper than two separate Day Tickets, so is ideal for families who are on holiday in the area and intend on making more than one trip to the park.

 30th March – 28th October 2018
Adult   Child Senior
Day ticket
(family rate)
£19.95   £17.85 £18.85
Weekly Ticket
(family rate)
£32.45   £30.35 £30.35

Terms and Conditions

  • *Available from late March to late October only. Due to unpredictable weather conditions during winter we cannot guarantee that the park will be open every day.
  • *Tickets may only be upgraded between 2pm and 4pm on the day of your visit.
  • The season/week ticket concession is not valid with any other offer or concession.  No other concession can be applied to the purchase of the season or week ticket.
  • Terms & Conditions Weekly Tickets

We had a fantastic time at Landmark. The sun was shining and although busy the park wasn’t overcrowded. What was great for us however was the fact that we could take our 3 dogs with us.