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New Attractions Alert


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that this summer is going to be the best ever! So, how to we make sure that everyone has even more fun in 2018? Well, we add even more fun attractions of course! 

Rex The Pup

Have you heard any strange noises coming from the woods recently!? Well, please let us explain. The source of all this noise is the brand new puppy that we have living in the Wonder Woods! Despite only being being a youngster, Rex is already a whopping 2.5m tall and 7m long, making him just slightly larger than your average puppy. He also had a pretty impressive set of razor-sharp teeth, so you’d better take care not to upset him if you go exploring in his woods!

Digital Aquarium

Did you know that there are over 15,000 different species of fish currently swimming around in the world’s seas and oceans? That’s pretty impressive, right? Well, now you can see some of these species for yourself in the new Digital Aquarium in the Bamboozeleum. You can even touch the screen to find out the name of any fish you see swimming around. Watch out though, there might just be some slightly bigger fish in there too, lurking in the shadows!

Insect Handling Sessions

Our Butterfly House family continues to grow! Everyone knows that this tropical hot-house is now home to hundreds of butterflies, playful parakeets, boisterous budgies and quirky quail. What you might not know though, is that it’s also now home to some Giant Pricky Insects, Giant African Millipedes and a colony of Leaf-Cutting Ants. You can now come and join the team at the Butterfly House at 3pm every day to meet the newest members of the family and if you’re brave enough, you’ll even get the chance to hold them for yourself!

Ghost Family

Rex The Pup isn’t the only new inhabitant of the Wonder Woods. There have also been many reported sightings of a mysterious ghost family concealed in the trees. They are masters of disguise, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled and pay close attention if you want to to catch a glimpse of them as you make your way around the woods.

Temporal Distortion Mirrors

How much time have you spent playing with your reflection on the  full-length mirrors in Bamboozeleuem? Yes, they are definitely a firm favourite with Landmark Families. That’s why, we have decided the build on this in 2018, by introducing three brand new electronic screens that will bring your reflection to life in ways that will both amuse and boggle the mind.