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New Additions For 2018


Over the winter months our Butterfly House family has grown significantly with the introduction of lots of new additions which we are looking forward to showing you on your next visit! 

We welcomed five budgies to our family in January. The budgies are a colourful and noisy group who have taken the responsibility of trimming the bamboo trees.

Following the budgies, we re-homed two pairs of Indian Ring-necked Parakeets, from separate locations in Scotland. They took a few days to build their confidence and find their feet (or should I say wings), but have now settled in well. One of our Cheeky parakeets, Hector, keeps us entertained on a daily basis shouting ‘Hello’, wolf whistling and stealing objects from the Staff Room.

We now have our own breeding population of Owl Butterflies. The banana trees are a bit worse for wear but the caterpillars are happy. We did this by buying in around 20 at the start of the year and the very occasional five more, here and there. They seem to be the only species that will happily fly all year round.

We’ve tried a few new species from South-East Asia including the Tree Nymph (Idea leuconoe), Malayan Lace Wing (Cethosia hypsea), Giant Egg Fly (Hypolimnas bolina), Lemon Pansy (Junonia lemonias) and Chocolate Soldiers (Junonia iphita). We have even had the odd Morpho achillies…….

Our Chinese Painted Quail doubled in numbers this year, so we had lots of adorable chicks running around. At the end of the summer we gave five males to the Butterfly World in Edinburgh and another three to a local family.

We’re happy to report that 2017 was a very busy and successful year for us and we’re hoping to have a few more additions (possibly invertebrates) to the Butterfly House in 2018. Hopefully we will even be able to breed our own Atlas moths (Attacus atlas), which has proved to be very popular with our visitors.

We look forward to your next visit!

The Butterfly House Team

Ailie, Skye and Emma.