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Donations: 14th July

This week’s donations!

We are absolutely delighted to now be able to announce the next seven clubs and charities that we have donated a family pass to as part of our new #LandmarkCares campaign. This campaign will see us make a donation to a new cause every single day of the year. In most cases this will normally come in the form of a family pass which we will send out to registered charities and other good causes to help them with their fundraising efforts.

For more information on #LandmarkCares click here.

We would like to wish our friends at the following clubs, charities and organisations all the best of luck with their events and future fundraising!

Due to the high volume of request that we were receiving, we made the decision to temporarily increase the number of donations that we sent out each week from 7 to 8. We have now done this for several weeks so now must go down and to 6 per week in order to get back on track. Once we are back on track we will switch back to 7 donations per week again.

  • Thurso town Improvements
  • 3 Scots Unit Welfare
  • Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline – Fife Link
  • The ARCHIE Foundation
  • Sandend Amenities Committee
  • Avoch Amenities & Raigmore ED