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Activities, exhibitions and demonstrations bring the fascinating story of the timber industry to life..

The Steam Powered Sawmill


Visit our amazing replica of an original steam powered mill.  This mill is of the type that were once a common sight around the Highlands. Designed to be movable, these mills were positioned close to the timber extraction area to produce sawn timber from felled trees, before being moved on to the next area.

Watch the mill in action as the engine powers the giant saw blades – producing boards and posts. The sound, heat, steam and aromas of the engine and freshly cut pine will live with you for a long time.

The engine is a Marshall of Gainsborough, built in 1942 to help produce timber in the Second World War.  It is identical to the original engines which date from the late 1800’s.

Lex the Clydesdale LEX THE CLYDESDALE
It is with the greatest sadness that we have to announce that Lex our Clydesdale Horse has had to be put to sleep.  For many years Lex has entertained our visitors and been an outstanding addition to our ‘staff’ at Landmark.  We know that our visitors will miss him, as will our staff who have worked with him over the years we have had him.  Lex had been, for many years, suffering from a painful and progressive illness which affected his ability to walk and even stand.  Our vet and staff have been very aware that this condition was approaching the point that his suffering might become intolerable.  The vet informed us that this point had been reached and there was now no alternative course of action open to us.  Lex was a very good age for a Clydesdale at 19 years old.

*Late March to late October

360 Panorama

Stop the image from spinning by clicking on it. Click and drag to pan left and right and to tilt up and down or simply use the Arrow keys on your keyboard. Press “A” to Zoom-In, “Z” to Zoom-Out. If you cannot see the panorama, please download the java player by clicking this link. . .

Java Get Powered

Well worth coming even after travelling 150 miles from Edinburgh.

Mr Malcolm Richards, Macclesfield

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