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Landmark has launched another high wire challenge for those who do not meet the height requirement for RopeworX, (and for those who are more comfortable slightly nearer to the ground!).

But don’t be mistaken!  The Tarzan Trail is every bit as challenging as its big brother.
It features an overhead rail and pulley wheel safety system, so even if you get stuck and can’t finish the course, you can sit in the harness and pull yourself, (or be pulled), along to the finish.

*Open late March to late October, closed in winter
Minimum height requirement is 1.1 m for the harness.

360 Panorama

Stop the image from spinning by clicking on it. Click and drag to pan left and right and to tilt up and down or simply use the Arrow keys on your keyboard. Press “A” to Zoom-In, “Z” to Zoom-Out. If you cannot see the panorama, please download the java player by clicking this link. . .

Java Get Powered

The Red Squirrel Trail was excellent but the Wildcat run on the watercoaster was totally awesome for two over sixty year olds!

Yvonne Gauld, Ayrshire

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