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This is a parachute jump simulation that is way beyond white knuckle – this is serious stuff only for the bravest….truly epic.

SkyDive comprises of two climbing masts which rise from the forest floor to approximately 50 feet up in the pine canopy.  At the top there are two platforms capable of taking one person at a time.

We use special Powerfan© descenders, similar to those used by Hollywood stuntmen.  Our high-tech rigs guarantee a safe and smooth return to earth. (The ropes are made of a remarkable material that does not stretch – ‘HMWPE’ high molecular weight polyethylene)

Skydive is a pure adrenalin experience, just harness up, climb the mast, and step off (don’t jump, step)…. Easy!  Just don’t let the nerves get the better of you!
*Open late March to late October, closed in winter

Please read our safety conditions


Sweetin Family, Aberdeen

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