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Explore The Park Planning Your Day Ticket Prices Buy Tickets
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New additions

Enjoy some great additions to the park

Landmark is now even more fun and the adventure just got bigger and better.

The Giant Floating Tap

Operates late March to late October. (The tap is doesn’t work during winter when its water supply is likely to freeze)

Floating tapIt is just that and it is magic…a giant tap…floating in mid-air with water gushing and no pipes supplying it or holding it up – you have got to visit Wonder Wood and track it down – it is amazing…

and don’t forget to take photos…maybe a selfie or two…

The Explorers Tree Mansion in The Lost Labyrinth

The Lost Explorer has been busy over the winter and has added lots of new areas in and around the Tree Mansion have your portrait taken on the new ‘Barrel Bog’ a toilet with a view!

And check out his new museum of oddities found around the lost Labyrinth…

Meet the gorilla and take another selfie of you and your new mate.

The Living Floor in Bamboozeleum

We have recently added a mind boggling new attraction in Bamboozeleum. Mesmerising for adults and kids alike the Living Floor is another ‘don’t miss’ experience on your Landmark adventure.  It’s a magical living image on the floor where children of all ages can interact with (and chase!) fish, dolphins, ladybirds and frogs. One visitor tweeted they would have stayed there all day having fun if they could! Fantastic immersive fun – find it in The Bamboozeleum!